Classical and Mythological

Allegory of Wealth
Arrowood after Simon Vouet 2004
Color Application On location at the Louvre 2004 Oil on canvas 44″ x 32 “
Exhibited October 5th-28th, 2005
2nd Salon des Copistes du Louvre
La Mairie du 6th, Paris, France
L’ermite Endormi “The Sleeping Hermit” Arrowood 2006 after Vien 1750 Oil on Canvas 32″ x 22″ Color Application at the Louvre, Paris, France October 3rd-28th, 2005 Exhibited March 2008 3nd Salon des Copistes du Louvre La Mairie du 6th, Paris, France

 Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros   

Arrowood 1998-99 after Bouguereau 1851
Oil on Canvas on Panel 44” x 30”


Birth Of Venus
Arrowood 2/2000 after Botticelli


“Venus” from Birth of Venus
Arrowood 2/2000 after Botticelli
Oil on canvas 10’’ oval


Automedon with the Horses of Achilles
Arrowood 2000 after Henri Regnault 1868
Oil on Canvas 50” x 52”

Henri Regnault ( French, 1843-1871 ): Regnault’s original painting, measuring more than ten feet square, is on permanent display at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The painting depicts Achilles’ chariot driver, Automedon, struggling to control Xanthos and Balios. The horses, sensing that their master will be killed, resist being harnessed to the chariot that will carry Achilles into his final, fatal battle.
Regnault , a student in Rome, was only 25 when he painted this heroic piece. It was displayed at the Paris Salon, a notable honor for the young artist. Two years later, at the age of twenty-seven, Henri Regnault’s bright future ended in Paris during the final hour of the Franco-Prussian War…But that’s another story…

“Another Story”

With the acceptance of Henri Regnault’s life-size original of “Automedon with the Horses of Achilles” at the Paris Salon, Regnault seemed destined for success; however, it may have been youthful exuberance that ended his life and promising career…As the final minutes of the Franco-Prussian war approached, Henri stood ready to fire the last shot…Unfortunately, it was a Prussian soldier who succeeded, and Henri Regnault died at the age of twenty-seven.


Hercules Vanquishing the Hydra
Arrowood 2000 after Guido Reni 1662
Oil on Canvas 52” x 38”
Decorative and Fine Arts Collection, Furman University


The Death of Atala
Arrowood 2005/6 after Giovanni Battista Riva 1859
Oil on Canvas 40″ x 34″

Detail from Atala


Girl with the Pearl Earring
Arrowood after Vermeer
Oil on Canvas

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