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Works In Progress




She Stands Alone

A small color study begins for my Pilate's wife. She is only 22" tall here, but she will be lifesize when I have solved all my challenges of composition and color. April 2011


Mona Lisa after Leonardo


Progress on Mona Lisa underdrawing 3 2011 Slowly she emerges...Leonardo was so brillant, but I want to prove him wrong about learning by copying. Arrowood after Leonardo

Mona Lisa in Progress

Arrowood after Leonardo Da Vinci

Progress from 11-12-2010 to March 2011

I am working on several projects

Slowly the form emerges from the surface of my labor.

Will it be Mona Lisa?

A long way to go... A lot of detail to decipher beneath the darkened varnish. I couldn't resist "smudging" in some values on the face even though I will clean away the excess grids and smudges before I begin the underpainting

My panel is heavy and cumbersome. I am going to delay trimming the sides until the underpainting is underway to protect the corners for as long as possible.




Les Papin de Vallet 2010

(A Petite Story Portrait)

  I will include the story when this is finished

      and moved to the Portrait Gallery


Sunrise Solitude in progres 12 x 12 New England

Sunrise Solitude 2010

12 x 12

From a photo taken in New England


Little Grady 2010




St Michael the Archangel Yvonne Herd Arrowood after Reni

Saint Michael the Archangel

Arrowood after Reni

Progress as of June 09, 2009


I am indebted to the Museum and Gallery at BJU for allowing me to use their Sirani as a color Guide




Two of theThree Magi from Boeckhorst Wall Project Museum and Gallery at Heritage Green    Charcoal Sketch of Horse's Head from Boeckhorst Adoration of the Magi, Wall project Museum and Gallery at Heritage Green, Arrowood after Boeckhorst

 Oil Sketch of Solidier's Arm, Arrowood after Boeckhorst for Project at Museum and Gallery at Heritage Green  

Boeckhorst Wall Project

Museum and Gallery at Heritage Green

Visit the M & G at Heritage Green by August 2009 to see this exhibit. Displayed April 2008 thru August 2009



Jan By Yvonne Herd Arrowood





Autumn at Girverny From 2004 photograph by the artist Yvonne Herd Arrowood at Monet's Gardens

Autumn at Giverny


Poppe and Little Jake (Grady Loyd Herd holding his first Great grand child) by Yvonne Herd Arrowood

Poppe and Little Jake

Work in progress July 2008





The Day Dreamer - Lost in thought - in 2007 , I have tried to capture some small studies if those images in the gallery of my imagination...It is moods and expressions and stories that make portraits interesting for me.

The Day Dreamer

"Lost in Thought"

2nd day's progress

Nov 2007


I am attempting to capture some of my ideas in small studies before ti


Jackson, Hope's little boy


September/October 2007

10" oval Oil on Canvas



     Underpainting of Livia
      (A few hours of "just for fun" painting on a
Saturday afternoon)

When Livia's portrait is finished,
I think I will call it "Reflections in Flower Light"
Spring 2007


"Bud Trunick "

February 11, 2007

Still in the planning stage ... I love paintings with stories. I suppose it must be the child in me. The painting keeps evolving in my mind as I learn more about my client.

Originally, I had planned to include one of the machines that he had designed. I may still do so, but not in the desert....wait and see.

I chose this location for the painting's background because my client and his family greatly enjoyed their two year stay in Arizona. From what I understand, it was also a project for which he is still remembered in the engineering field...Have you noticed the magazine in his hand?


Bud Trunick            

        "Bud"   March 30, 2007                     Detail from portrait of Bud Trunick




Desert Drama Remembered

Copper by Belt at Twin Buttes


Bud Trunick, Civil Engineer:

Mr. Trunick's specialty was and is "bulk material handling"...what an understatement!!!  In material handled, the volume at Twin Buttes was nearly twice that of the Oroville Dam project in California and ranked alongside the famous Aswan High Dam in Egypt. Bud Trunick is remembered for his participation in both the Oroville Dam project with Mcdowell Wellman and the Twin Buttes project with Hewitt-Robins. Out in the Arizona Desert, a handshake between Trunick and Anaconda Company president, Jack Knaebel, sealed Hewitt Robbins $10,000,000.00 participation in the Twin Buttes project. In 1966 and 67, Trunick was Hewitt-Robins' estimator, salesman, engineer and site project manager.

The Hewitt-Robins complex at the south end of the Anaconda copper mining pit was engineered to move both overburden and ore, either separately or simultaneously. It was composed of two side-by-side, sixty inch conveyors that sloped to the bottom of the pit... At a little more than halfway down into the pit, two other sixty-inch conveyors split off obliquely from either side of the main conveyors. In all more than 50,000 feet of Hewitt-Robins steel cable reinforced rubber belt were employed on the mining project at Twin Buttes...Thus "Copper by Belt" as indicated on the magazine cover in Mr. Trunick's hands.

At the top of the magazine, I have dated and aged the magazine to further reference this special time period in Mr. Trunick's past. When the portrait is signed and dated 2007, it will establish that this is Mr. Trunick - forty years after Twin Buttes...As Mr. Trunick approaches his eightieth year, he continues to solve engineering problems across the country.  Armed only with a calculator, graph paper, and a pencil, he and his creative mind are still in demand by others with computers and a lot more letters after their name. Note: I may expand on this as I continue to work on the portrait and learn more about Mr. Trunick.

Artist Note: After struggling for thirty minutes trying to write Desert Drama on the magazine cover, I realized, I had written "Dessert Drama" and had to start over....That not quite as bad as the six  toes that I painted on a goddess in a Botticelli Reproduction ...not once but twice.

May 5 th, 2007 AM

Mr. Trunick is a patient client, and I'm back to working on his portrait. He was away for a month and I needed the time to touch up a painting that was being displayed at the Miracle Hill Annual Banquet ...Click on

For the past week, I have been working on his face and the foreground. Believe it or not, I really do want to finish this portrait. There are so many other paintings waiting in the gallery of my imagination...two of them involve Mr. Trunick. He is a terrific character study...I plan to use him as a model for a couple of portfolio paintings...He can add "professional model" to his exceptional resume'.


May 5th PM

Fine tuning the details

Mr. Trunick looks like he could get a job modeling for Levi

Robert "Bud" Trunick"
July 5th, 2007

I've simplified and lightened the folds on the shirt and added lighter

values near the face. Contrasting values draw attention and I want the viewer to "read" the face first and then to examine the painting more closely for clues that tell you about the man in the desert.

I plan to sign the painting next week...It's almost time to let it go.




Grannie Holliday and the Last Quilt

In Progress Oil on canvas 12 x16

June 2007 


Grannie Holliday and the Last Quilt also named Quilting Toward The Light by Yvonne Herd Arrowood. Georgia Holliday was the daughter of George Tinsley and Mary Ellen Lemance

Quilting Toward the Light

(Formerly called "Grannie Holliday and the Last Quilt")

Progress as of February, 2008Grannie has been gone a long time now... She always smelled like homemade biscuits and her "cushiony" lap felt like love...


Sit down at the Rocky Creek Cafe

August 2007

This "petite" character study is 11x14

(Do you recognize the Model)



Sit Down At the Rocky Creek Cafe, 11 x 14 oil on panel . Yvonne Herd Arrowood ,A work in progress 8-17-07

Progress thru Septempber 8


Artistic license and a woman's prerogative to change her mind, there will be more changes. I am trying out a commercially prepared surface. So far it has stood up rather well to the chan

Robert Bud Trunick 1927 2009 In Loving Memory

Sit Down at the Rocky Creek Cafe

Are you looking at him ...or is he looking at you?




Giovanni's Palette







Giovanni's Palette
11 x14 Oil on Panel


Work in Progress thru September 16, 2007

When I have time, I will tell you the painting's story. I think you will find it interesting. My subject, a retired museum guard, was living in the left wing of the Accademia Carrara Museum in Bergamo, Italy, when I met him in 2005



Fall  2006

Thoughts Beyond the Window by Yvonne Herd Arrowood...This painting was inspired by a photo of the late grandmother of my French neighbor, Bernard Papin. The window through which the beautiful grandmother gazes was once a doorway in their old farmhouse in France.

Thoughts Beyond the Window

I may have to start this one over...The board is smoother than I like.

There's a story here.


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