a bedtime story about an Ugly Duckling touched the empathetic heart of a child and she drew a realistic duck from the image in her mind.  A mother was amazed and a passion for art was born in a three-year-old child...That was the beginning of my love of art, the common thread woven thru the canvas of my life.

My name is Yvonne Herd Arrowood and I am an artist, constantly striving to be a better one. Many years have passed since my first pre-school drawings. Nevertheless, I am as excited to begin a new painting now as when it was my turn to use the easel, and the six big jars of paint in Mrs. Copeland's second grade class at Overbrook Elementary...

I love color and shapes, shadow and light, human faces and paintings that create an emotion or tell a story. I am primarily an oil painter, specializing in portraits and Old Master reproductions. My own personal renaissance began when I made a conscious decision to be taught rather than intimidated by the Masters. It continued as I began to copy old Masters to improve my craftsmanship…I did not realize that it would inspire creativity and originality as well.

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Please Visit The Arrowood Home/Gallery & Studio

To share my art and heart

Yvonne Herd Arrowood

Original Portraits and Old Master Reproductions, etc.

 Greenville Open Studios 2016

  Saturday November 5th    10am - 6pm
  Sunday November 6th      Noon - 6pm





Watch the Video! - She's a Master... At Copying Masters

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